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On girls and software

Federico Parodi -

If you’ve ever been to a software developing conference, one of the first things you will have noticed is that there are very few girls who design and write code.


Tags: gender equality, software

Build your first Android app

Matteo Piotto -

Through the years weLaika invested resources in order to specialize in the development of mobile applications, in Android and iOS ecosystems. The Android platform is definitely...

Tags: android, tutorial, course, develop, developing, app, guide, eclipse, windows, linux, mac, installation

Word Press day 2013

Davide Territo -

Thrilled as one can be, we were on our way from Torino to Bologna on a train when the sun came up: it was a shiny dawn that gave a start to a day that was going to be very...

Tags: haml, sass, java script, wordpress, wordless, freeware, wordmove, welaika

Users to Csv

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Another weLaika branded product is the little plugin called “Users to csv”.

With this plugin you can export all users fields that you want (selecting it by checkbox) in...

Tags: wordpress, plugins, users, csv

Sublime Text 2 guide

Filippo Gangi Dino -

You use Sublime Text 2 and want to improve your workflow? This short guide, made in weLaika, can help you. Download it for free here.

Tags: sublime text, guide, free, welaika