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RubyDay 2015, passion lives here

Federico Parodi -

RubyDay 2015 in Turin has been a huge success, that we share with our good friends working at Cantiere Creativo and Nebulab, and with every women and men who joined us...

Tags: ruby on rails, rubyday, community

Run RSpec tests in parallel

Fabrizio Monti -

We recently worked on a big Rails application with a lot of RSpec tests (mostly integration ones) and we were looking for a way to reduce the test suite execution time...

Tags: ruby on rails, ruby, testing, rspec


Rails Custom Error Pages

Fabrizio Monti -

Do you know how (static) error pages like 404 or 500 get rendered in a (production) Rails application?

It’s all managed by this Rack Middleware.

When called, this middleware...

Tags: ruby on rails, ruby

Camaleon: a nearly perfect mimesis

Stefano Pau -

Have you ever wondered how would Wordpress be if it has been written in Ruby? Owen Peredo Diaz (owen2345) answered this question with his project Camaleon, a CMS for RubyOnRails...

Tags: ruby on rails, ruby, wordpress, cms, camaleon

Let's rumble!

Davide Territo -

We(Laika) like challenges. That is why we took part for the third time to the Rails Rumble. 48 hours, hundreds of teams worldwide, one goal: build up the best web app as...

Tags: ruby on rails, rails rumble, planner, ranking