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Let's rumble!

Tags: ruby on rails, rails rumble, planner, ranking
Davide Territo -

We(Laika) like challenges. That is why we took part for the third time to the Rails Rumble. 48 hours, hundreds of teams worldwide, one goal: build up the best web app as fast as possible. Our guys made two teams, one of which won the 9th place taking for the first year weLaika among the winners.

We designed two apps:, winner of the ninth place, which will organize all your reminders in one easy-to-use, nice-looking and helpful place. Problems keeping track of your to do’s and sick of leaving post-it’s all over the place? Here’s what you need, here’s what you’ll love. Give it a try!

The second one, will help you highlight what you’ve got. If you are a freelancer or a web agency, you want to know and show how big is your portfolio. Let’s gauge it! will rank all your sites and give them a score so you will make your own size matter. Show it off!