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API Design - Introduction

Matteo Piotto -

We developed several platforms for our customer and also their clients. So we have realized API interfaces for several applications, from JS interface (such as AngularJS...

Tags: api, mobile, rest, webservice, server, platform, json

Angular Attack

Filippo Gangi Dino -

We(Laika) love rumbles. That is why we took part for the first time to the Angular Attack: the goal was to build the best Angular App within 48 hours.

We have built Like...

Tags: angular, rumble, angular attack

Why I hate Visual Composer

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Lately some customers asked us to mantain Visual Composer in their WordPress projects and everytime we had to count the shortcomings of this solution.

That’s why I’ll...

Tags: wordpress, plugins, visual composer, advanced custom fields

Wordmove 2.0

Alessandro Fazzi -

Wordmove is growing. Not only in version number, but also in usage, solidity, documentation, contributions. And we’re very very happy to anonunce its second major version...

Tags: ruby, gem, wordmove, wordpress, github, oss, open, source, deploy

Validators Unit test in Ruby on Rails

Filippo Gangi Dino -

When we want to test (with RSpec) a custom validator inside a Ruby on Rails model often the main temptation is to (integration) test only those models where the validator...

Tags: ruby on rails, rspec, tdd, unit test