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Our method

The foundations for solid and durable applications

The challenges when implementing a software project are not all technological.

The skills and continuous refreshers are not enough to guarantee a job's success, if there is not consolidated base method to make customer satisfied, controlled execution duration, the costs balanced, the route changes and management accessible under every aspect.

Along the years we have built, together with our customers and partners, rules and tools that allow quality project management.

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Agile Method

Agile, an adjective often abused in our field, is a term that covers a multiplicity of software development methodologies. We have tried many of them and we came round to the need to take the best and adapt them to everyday reality.

Every software project has its own story and requires different methodologies, suitable to its characteristics.

There are however some transversal principles: incremental development and the continuous involvement of the customer, both of which allow us to limit the unexpected, and to guarantee adequate time frames and costs.


Test Driven Development

Test-driven development is the way we chose to face the most extensive projects, that require maintenance and evolutions in time.

First you write an automated test to verify the correctness of every feature, then the code that implements it. This method allows to write better code from the start, and its strong points are:

  • safe evolutions, as it verifies that introducing new features does not damage the existing characteristics;
  • project documentation, because the tests are written almost in plain English;
  • easy handover between different teams or developers, thus avoiding developer lock-in.



Collaboration is a core need in a work relationship: this is the reason why we use tools that allow us to satisfy it.

Day-to-day contact is managed through a dedicated company chat, that helps dialogue with the whole development team.

Project organisation id managed with scrum dashboards, by means of which our customers' reference persons can follow the development of individual features in all phases and get an overall vision and control upon the progress of the project.



Transparency in our work is a very important value to us: we impose no technological or time constraint on our customers' products.

Starting from this prerequisite, we make no fixed offers, just estimates, in order to guarantee maximum flexibility during the development of your application.

All this allows to achieve an agreed-upon result, with controlled time frames and costs.

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