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Django Girls Torino 2016

Tags: gender equality, events, software
Federico Parodi -

Tomorrow in Turin a group of girls will learn to build a blog with Django. Why is this newsworthy?

The issue is that there are too few girls who code. It’s not the first time you read something like this by weLaika, and it won’t be the last.

The gender gap in software developing is just wrong for everyone: women, men, firms. An industry in desperate need for engineers is keeping away a huge amount of people who could be educated to fill those vacancies, and that’s incomprehensible.

We’ve already wrote that we need a cultural change to make more girls interested in coding, and we think everyone should do their part.

That’s why we keep writing about the issue, organizing talks at our Torino Coding Society meetings, and funding events like Django Girls Turin, Rails Girls and Finding Ada.

And you? How can help?