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Craftsmen of Ruby on Rails,
Elixir, JavaScript and mobile apps.

We are a web and mobile development team, located in Turin, Italy. Our method provides you with the highest care and reliability, as well as full control of your expenses.

Our method

We work together since 2010. Ever since the beginning we invested in Ruby on Rails, JavaScript and mobile integrated solutions and, afterwards, extend our experience to Elixir. We focus upon methodology besides technology.

Along the years we fine-tuned a working method that enables us to help you take the best decisions towards a serviceable, well-finished product, with no surprises in costs.

Software creation is a craftsman's work.

Our method
Ruby on Rails
Solidus Commerce
Main technologies we use
Torino Coding Society

Torino Coding Society is the series of meetings, organised by weLaika, aimed at acquanting the developers with Ruby, JavaScript, iOS, Android and much more.

Less technical matters are dealt with as well: the communication with clients, the relationships between designers and developers, the work methodologies.

It is traditional to finish the meetings by eating together and exchanging opinions about the topic of the meeting.

Torino Coding Society

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