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Service Objects in Rails

Fabrizio Monti -

Enough has been written already about service objects in Rails. They help us to keep our controllers skinny, to separate business logic and to test more easily.

We can...

Tags: ruby on rails, ruby, poro, service object

JS image upload in Rails

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Recently I had to refactor an existing multipart form which allowed users to submit an image and a small description. The newer version must be submitted in AJAX and the...

Tags: rails, ruby, javascript, canvas, html5

Fastlane + Ionic = <3

Matteo Piotto -

Here at weLaika we loved Capistrano - and we still love it, because it’s easy and complete. When we started to develop and deploy Rails applications, we appreciated its...

Tags: mobile, build, android, ios, fastlane

A new WP-CLI command: db2utfb

Alessandro Fazzi -

It’s not the best thing I had wished myself, to write an article - and a little piece of software! - focused on managing a problem brought to you by advers hosting companies...

Tags: wp-cli, wp, cli, wordpress, datadase, db, utf8, utf8mb4, mysql

The treats of Lo-Dash

Stefano Pau -

Increasingly I hear “Stop using jQuery, it’s too slow and heavy, use Lo-Dash”. Ok, I’ll use Lo-Dash… I’ve taken a small project, with a little bit of JavaScript, trying...

Tags: javascript, lodash, tools, library