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We offer expertise on large product types. The common denominator is the attention to the customer's needs, in order to always suggest the most appropriate solution under every point of view.

Our competences can satisfy communication agencies, startups and SMEs. If you belong to a development team and your need is team augmentation, discover the technologies we can help you with.

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Enterprise software

Every company's workflow is different, and a ad hoc management software application can simplify the most time-consuming parts, and enable your resources to concentrate on the most important aspects of the job.



Selling online is an opportunity to be seized, and we enable you to do it by providing simple, secure, maintainable software, tailored on your business needs, soas to allow you to concentrate on business management.



We can satisfy in a short time the need for a professional website, thanks to expressly created tools, that allow great maintainability even in the most complex cases. We are able to offer technologically excellent solutions, starting from a simple and quick showcase website, up to the online magazine based on WordPress and improved by our technologies.


iOS and Android mobile apps

Whether you are a startup with a good idea, an agency with a campaign that wants an interactive tool to be used in mobility, or a well-grounded agency with the need for a new product, we put at your disposal an arsenal of technologies, from the least expensive to the most performing. We have the expertise and knowledge to guide you to the best choice, curating all steps, from the technological analysis to the phase of publishing on the App Store or Google Play.


API Server and Integrated Solutions

Our competences allow us to build back-end applications, with the relevant web-service APIs, that will interface with any type of client applications. This enables us to design from scratch both the client and the server solution around your needs, or to provide just the parts you need, without preventing you from serving yourselves from different suppliers.

Without the use of external back-end services, the customer is unbound from subscription services, and has an independent and tailored solution.


Staff augmentation

If your development team needs more staff or specific competences during the development of a project, contact us: we might have the most suitable solution for your needs.


Agile Consultants

Our expert agile consultants are here to help you transform your team and maximize its potential.

We collaborate with you to optimize your teams by implementing agile practices such as iterative and incremental development. Additionally, we focus on successful delivery by defining agile processes and ensuring efficient work management.

We promote effective communication and collaboration by facilitating regular meetings and resolving any conflicts. Lastly, we guide your teams in defining a clear vision, identifying core values, and setting long-term goals.

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