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Software products and tools released by weLaika

Open source


Skuby is a gem, that is, a library, importable in any porject written in Ruby.

It is an interface to send SMSs through the Skebby service from within a Ruby application. The gem is the outcome of a job commissioned to us by a client of ours, and we decided to release this portion of the code, both to be able to re-use it in the future, and so that others may re-use it in their projects.

See it on GitHub

WordPress Tools

weLaika has built several utilities for WordPress developers during the many years of work done with this famous CMS. Their objective is to improve the developer worksflow, making it more pleasant, maintainable and efficient.

These utilities aim at promoting a modern and orderly approach to the development of WordPress themes, at making development quicker to the benefit of the clients, at automating the most repetitive tasks, in order to minimise errors and frustration.

All of this software, among ehich the popular WordMove and WordLess, are open-source and fully documented and you can find them and learn about them on the website we decided to dedicate to them: wptools.it.


100% weLaika


A command line fast and simple Elixir crawler that allow you to analyze status codes and, css selector based, deep page content search. Winner at SpawnFest 2017.

Vai a Sputnik


Good organisation requires ruthless e-mail distribution. MailStat is a tool we created for the 2012 RailsRumble to help you in the daily fight to achieve Inbox Zero.


A tool developed in 48 hours to allow efficient management of your recurring tasks.

Awarded at the 2013 RailsRumble

Open Evry.io

Gist Genius

The application makes the GitHub Gists searchable and taggable. If you love Gist, you will adore GistGenius.

Open GistGenius

Rails Invaders

Our 2015 RailsRumble winner application is a game, and it is a super-classic: space invaders, with real-time rankings to challenge the other players online.

Open RailsInvaders

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