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Our works for you, open source projects and events

Our passion for our work leads us not only to offer the best to our customers, but also to stay active in the open-source community.

We release and maintain some open-source projects, useful to other developers, and we organise events to give voice to the technologies we love.

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Published products

We love open-source. Our company experience itself is a witness to the fact that it creates job opportunities, chances for acquiring knowledge, for professional, personal and collective improvement.

So we have always tried to give back to the community, through some projects and/or internal tools that can be useful to others.

We also implemented micro-projects to participate in contests, competitions, games, or simply as a means of internal training.

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Sponsorhips and events

Training, networking, meeting, sharing

In weLaika we have a fixation over training, sharing, good relationships with our partners, customers, competitors, with the communities that animate and vivify the projects and languages we work with every day.

Therefore we invest time, energy and resources in organising, participating and supporting them, in networking with colleagues from other companies and with current or potential customers. We like it very much to build occasions for reflection on development practices, project organisation and management methodologies, relationships of the development teams with clients, with creative designers, with the rest of life.

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