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Wordmove 2.0

Tags: ruby, gem, wordmove, wordpress, github, oss, open, source, deploy
Alessandro Fazzi -

Wordmove is growing. Not only in version number, but also in usage, solidity, documentation, contributions. And we’re very very happy to anonunce its second major version.

This is what the changelog acclaims:

  • Support for sql files compression before and after transfers
  • Support for sql backup files compression inside wp-content
  • Support to mu-plugins directory
  • Updated dump.php library to support database VIEWS
  • Added --debug option: do not automatically delete FTP dumps file so you can inspect errors (if any)
  • Better support for large DBs import
  • Allow ruby code in Movefile (erb)
  • Added ability to pass mysqldump options via mysqldump_options in Movefile

The more technical exciting feature to me is the better support for big databases; now they are compressed before the transfer, so we have faster up/downlaods, and they are more efficiently adapted, dumped and imported.

Another cool approach is the one which cares about scripta-flexybility®: we always had the option to pass flags to rsync; now we can easily pass flags to mysqldump as well. Those are really flexible approaches to accomodate a lot of different environements and development needs, without forcing Wordmove to become an all-inclusive-all-purpose tool. Now let’s consider that the Movefile can be filled with ruby code just like an ERB template and… I can already see what you’re doing there.


As far as I can see the most fascinating fact emerging from the new release is that the majority of the features was contributed or suggested by the community. We’re thankful for the love you gifted to the project.

We hope you’ll continue enjoy using Wordmove. And don’t forget to take a look at the improved documentation here, here and all around the wiki