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Condominium chitchat

Stefano Pau -

It is so difficult to round up everyone for a condominium meeting, there always is something wrong and you end up not agreeing on anything. It is the same unease one feels...

Tags: rails, tenants, architecture, ruby, pattern

Demistifying Webpacker's configuration

Alessandro Fazzi -

Learning how to configure Webpack is not to be taken for granted: on the contrary, I believe it is necessary to consdier it as a gradual process – learning everything makes...

Tags: ruby, rails, wepack, webpacker, loaders, config

Let's improve Ruby, together!

Alessandro Fazzi -

All the expertise weLaika has developed all long is based, upon many things, around open-source software.

Certainly, and luckily, the vast majority of the web is built...

Tags: ruby, together, rubytogether, oss, support, open-source, community

Wordless 2 from scratch

Alessandro Fazzi -

This how-to is about to get you up and running develop a WordPress theme the Wordless way. We will use the Wordless gem to achieve a fast and automatic bootstrap.


Tags: wordpress, wordless, wp-cli, node, webpack, sass, pug, coffeescript

Wordless 2. Re-embracing a modern flow.

Alessandro Fazzi -

Wordless is a wordpress plugin and a little framework written to develop Wordpress themes from scratch, with a number of bells and whistles in regard of development workflow...

Tags: wordpress, wordless, wp-cli, node, webpack, sass, pug, coffeescript