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Let's improve Ruby, together!

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Alessandro Fazzi -

All the expertise weLaika has developed all long is based, upon many things, around open-source software.

Certainly, and luckily, the vast majority of the web is built on the same fundamentals.

We love open-source because it gives us opportunities to learn, share, contribute and it also leaves our customers the ownership of a worldwide recognized method, best practices and code base.

The fact remains that when OSS become central in your work and business, then it has to be maintained, debugged, updated, documented. If we want our products to preserve their value in time, tthen we have a duty to contribute to and/or support the work needed for its stability and development

This year weLaika has decided to subscribe as a supporting member of the Ruby Together non-profit initiative.

We would really like to see the annual fund raising grow at least to 35 thousands dollars. Therefore, besides hoping we can progressively donate more , we kindly invite all Ruby and open-source lovers to join the ranks of supporting members.

Long live Ruby!