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Spree commerce

E-Commerce Spree

High customization and tranquility of a reliable product

For the creation of e-commerce platforms, we selected Spree, a framework based upon Ruby on Rails and completely open-source.

We are developers and consultants: we like to be able to customise and expand the products according to the needs of our customers and Spree easily allows us to comply with any requirement thanks to its characteristics and to a modular and expansible system.

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A simple backend, with a intuitive and functional design, that allows to quickly update the listings, with the possibility to easily copy, update or delete the product sheets.

The fully customisable interface complies with the project specifications and the desired design.


Spree offers a flexible management of the "cart", but also of discounts, VAT rates and shipping expenses.

Not only is the e-commerce management flexible, but the e-commerce itself is, too: Spree is modular and allows infinite extensions to the backend.


The integration and management of payment systems is a focus point in any e-commerce, as it has to guarantee a wide choice of possibilities, based on the market needs.

Spree allows to easily and safely integrate the management of payments with credit cards, Stripe, PayPal, Skrill, and other systems.

Search engine optimization

Many features related to web marketing are aimed at better search engine visilibity, such as page-level metatag management, custom URL management, dynamic creation of Google sitemaps and the integration with Google Analytics.

Spree allows to achieve great visibility for your e-commerce by means of a simple yet effective management of all SEO instruments.


Spree offers all the advantages of open-source software. It is not bound to restrictive licenses (BSD License), that could tie your business down to license-related limits or costs.

It is not subject to forced obsolescence because it is supported by a copious community of developers who contribute to the project.

Our advice to your service

The experience we gained along the years allows us to suggest the best solutions starting from your needs. We are used to searching for the minimal solution, that is, the one that fulfils the requirements in the simplest and most inexpensive way. Our method is sound and effective.