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Publishow 1.900


Publishow is a solid actor in the world of promoting and merchandising in retail outlets on the national level. weLaika was contacted to build a custom ERP, featuring activity planning, anomaly solving, document archiving and automatic payment calculations.

The suite automatically generates sets of PDF documents, such as promoter contracts, starting from customisable templates.

To improve the user experience in searching for contents, weLaika used the open-source search engine, Sphinx. Being able to search for an activity, a promoter or a point-of-sale in a few instants is an essential requirement for a ERP with a sizeable database.

The authorisation system guarantees that each administrator can only follow the activities of their own competence, according to a double criterion based on the role and the assigned geographical area.

The Publishow ERP has been built using the open-source web framework Ruby on Rails, in compliance with the TDD (Test-Driven Development) method. The result is a suite of automated tests that verifies in a few minutes the reliability of the ERP, checking the product features according to the customer's specifications. Moreover, regression checking prevents from introducing bugs in the existing features when new ones are added.

ERP for the planning of promoting and merchandising activities in outlets.

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