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Prasco 1.900

Prasco s.p.a

Prasco s.p.a. is a company that operates in the distribution of bodywork pieces at the European level, offering a range of over 30,000 products. Jarkee s.r.l. designed the new graphics, whereas it entrusted weLaika with the front-end and back-end development. Built with Ruby on Rails, the site also offers a API server with a JSON interface. This way the products are automatically updated from Prasco s.p.a.'s internal ERP.

The client company has a consolidated and complex internal ERP that, among other features, allows to manage the items on sale. We are talking about tens of thousands of items, with commercial associations between each other and with numerous codifications. The customer needed to publicly expose its catalogue, reading the data from the ERP and thus keeping data management in the hands of the internal team.

The software we wrote, that includes the "showcase" section of the client's website, has two specific features that meet these needs. The first is a read-and-write API interface, through which the ERP sends the data to the application, updating its database as often as chosen; when our software receives the new data, it normalises and organises them based upon the needs of presentation of the catalogue. The other is a web interface to search the numerous items based on navigation and filtering for several taxonomies, and a search by product code. All items are also navigable and searchable from the administration back-end.

The most recent implementations include the possibility to open the API in read-only mode to pre-authorised users, and the development of a shopping cart for registered users. Every registered user is assigned a sales rep, and the orders these customers issue are integrated into a preparation and shipping workflow, directly assigned to the relevant sales reps.

This product is an example of how systems integration between a new and an existing software requires study and implementation specially made for the specific context. Any off-the-shelf solution would have been a failure.

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