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My Sex Doctor

My Sex Doctor is an application addressed to a teenager audience, that tells in an ample and accurate fashion about the topics related to sexual education, from personal health care to psychological and practical issues. It is presented under the guise of an app for Android, iPhone and iPod touch, it integrates search functions, text settings, and the management of a PIN for better privacy. It is distributed in two versions, one free with the basic information, and a paid, complete version. We have implemented the applications consistently with the graphics by Cantiere Creativo, as well as the presentation website.

The customer needed an iOS and Android app with the same interface, designed by a third party, in a short time and with the same quality as a native app. WeLaika was chosen because both operating systems fall within the team's competence, without the use of freelancers or external companies.

The development followed a path curated by weLaika and the customer to offer maximum possible quality on both platforms: the graphics were tailored and optimised in a different way in iOS and Android to cover the different needs and resolutions in the two operating systems. The customer could communicate and exchange views with the developers for the whole duration of development. Thanks to parallel development and to the internal team, both apps offer the same characteristics and quality.

Along the years the application was subjected to a series of maintenance updates to support intervening changes, for example the new versions of the operating systems. The three versions of the applications were updated to guarantee maintenance in time and to add new features, such as improving advertising networks.

The website of the application My Sex Doctor was also curated by weLaika: it was produced using the wordless framework for Wordpress, which allowed to guarantee easy publishing and maintenance.

My Sex Doctor is a native iOS and Android application, addressed to a teenager audience, that informs on topics related to sexual education.

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