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Social map

Social map is a Facebook app, developed for a customer of a partner of ours, that allows the users to recommend the shops that sell the customer's product, and to view them on a map

It is a useful tool make the product's fans feel engaged, as they can take part in its promotion by flagging missing shops, and it is also useful for those who do not know how to find it.

The application was written in PHP; it includes a back-end to allow the editorial staff to update, delete, add points-of-sale easily and quickly easy.

The front-end, that integrates into Facebook as a tab, allows the users to search the map, created with the Google Maps APIs, to see the details of every shop, to share it and comment through Facebook's comments plugin.

The users can add new shops, by pointing the map to the address, and perfecting the positioning by moving the pin directly on the map itself.

We chose not to use clustering to begin with an image of Italy covered by pins, and to allow to easily find the points-of-sale through the search functions.

A map, built by the product's consumers, who become involved in the promotion.

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