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Pharmaceutical budget impact

The need of the customer of our partner Premedia was to have an iPad application with a completely custom interface, in a short time and with continuous iterations.

To meet the requirement we decided to build the platform's core in Backbone.JS and a native iOS wrapper for the advanced features, similarly to other, previously completed software projects.

The application performs numerous computations to show the end user estimates: by selecting the initial data through a vector map of Italy, the user can optionally modify further data, obtaining the results in both table and graphic form.

The client's need was to continuously iterate with the software in development to check the correctness of the final results and to quickly implement improvements and additions, always with short development times.

The choice to build a hybrid application (native app + app written in JavaScript) was a winning one, because the client could immediately use a development version and share it with its own collaborators, in order to deliver a controlled and final result within the deadline.

The customer provided a model including all of the formulas in Excel: weLaika studied it and built a dynamic infrastructure that automatically updates, domino-style, upon data changes.

The graphics was provided by the customer: weLaika converted everything in html/css taking advantage of the full potentiality of the iOS platform, and at the same time offering a completely custom interface, in Retina quality, and quickly.

The native wrapper, besides allowing to show the results, allows generating the PDF reports natively, without using external web-services, completely offline.

The PDF report is a ready-to-print version of the previously calculated results and includes the graphics, keeping the style required by the client.

Pharmaceutical budget impact is an iOS app to perform medical statistical estimates, built according with the client's needs: quickness, quality and continuous iterations.

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