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Wordmove 2.1.0 - Flirting with WP-CLI

Alessandro Fazzi -

Wordmove development goes further! We are slow, we always overdue milestones due date, but we are continuing our mission to keep this gem updated, functional, tested -...

A new WP-CLI command: db2utfb

Alessandro Fazzi -

It’s not the best thing I had wished myself, to write an article - and a little piece of software! - focused on managing a problem brought to you by advers hosting companies...

Why I hate Visual Composer

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Lately some customers asked us to mantain Visual Composer in their WordPress projects and everytime we had to count the shortcomings of this solution.

That’s why I’ll...

Wordmove 2.0

Alessandro Fazzi -

Wordmove is growing. Not only in version number, but also in usage, solidity, documentation, contributions. And we’re very very happy to anonunce its second major version...

Camaleon: a nearly perfect mimesis

Stefano Pau -

Have you ever wondered how would Wordpress be if it has been written in Ruby? Owen Peredo Diaz (owen2345) answered this question with his project Camaleon, a CMS for RubyOnRails...

Word Press day 2013

Davide Territo -

Thrilled as one can be, we were on our way from Torino to Bologna on a train when the sun came up: it was a shiny dawn that gave a start to a day that was going to be very...

Users to Csv

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Another weLaika branded product is the little plugin called “Users to csv”.

With this plugin you can export all users fields that you want (selecting it by checkbox) in...

weLaika for Sublime Text 2

Filippo Gangi Dino -

We know that a lot of developers use daily Sublime Text 2 so we have decided to contribute at their, and our, workflow with two packages.

This two packages are dedicated...

WP tricks: posts to the future

Filippo Gangi Dino -

In a recent WordPress work, I had to publish, with an external PHP script, a lot of posts with wpinsertpost() function. These posts had a non common feature: the ‘post

New Wordless helpers

Filippo Gangi Dino -

We use WordPress and we love Wordless, our framework. Here is a summary of a new set of Wordless helpers, that you’ll find in the new version.



Wordless: less code, more WordPress

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Since weLaika was born, one of our best efforts was focused on using WordPress, one of the most flexible and widely-adapted Content Management Systems. One of the main...