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Rubyday 2016

Alessandra Cannata' -

The 6th RubyDay (the italian Ruby Conference) is gone. For the second time weLaika was one of the conference organizer with the help of Cantierecreativo and Nebulab. After...

Service Objects in Rails

Fabrizio Monti -

Enough has been written already about service objects in Rails. They help us to keep our controllers skinny, to separate business logic and to test more easily.

We can...

RubyDay 2016 is coming

Federico Parodi -

RubyDay Italy is starting collecting papers for the event, which will be hosted in Florence on Nov 25th and 26th.

This year, after the success of 2015 event in Turin,...

Validators Unit test in Ruby on Rails

Filippo Gangi Dino -

When we want to test (with RSpec) a custom validator inside a Ruby on Rails model often the main temptation is to (integration) test only those models where the validator...

Rails Invaders

Federico Parodi -

You know we can’t miss a Rails Rumble, and this year we were into playing games and in a nostalgic mood, so we felt right to code a Space Invaders clone: it’s Rails Invaders

RubyDay 2015, passion lives here

Federico Parodi -

RubyDay 2015 in Turin has been a huge success, that we share with our good friends working at Cantiere Creativo and Nebulab, and with every women and men who joined us...

Run RSpec tests in parallel

Fabrizio Monti -

We recently worked on a big Rails application with a lot of RSpec tests (mostly integration ones) and we were looking for a way to reduce the test suite execution time...

Rails Custom Error Pages

Fabrizio Monti -

Do you know how (static) error pages like 404 or 500 get rendered in a (production) Rails application?

It’s all managed by this Rack Middleware.

When called, this middleware...

Camaleon: a nearly perfect mimesis

Stefano Pau -

Have you ever wondered how would Wordpress be if it has been written in Ruby? Owen Peredo Diaz (owen2345) answered this question with his project Camaleon, a CMS for RubyOnRails...

Let's rumble!

Davide Territo -

We(Laika) like challenges. That is why we took part for the third time to the Rails Rumble. 48 hours, hundreds of teams worldwide, one goal: build up the best web app as...