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Service Objects in Rails

Fabrizio Monti -

Enough has been written already about service objects in Rails. They help us to keep our controllers skinny, to separate business logic and to test more easily.

We can...

JS image upload in Rails

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Recently I had to refactor an existing multipart form which allowed users to submit an image and a small description. The newer version must be submitted in AJAX and the...

Middleman Crawler

Filippo Gangi Dino -

Yesterday we released a Ruby gem called Middleman Crawler. It’s a Middleman extension which aims at finding any 4xx or 5xx error in your static site.

As better described...

Wordmove 2.0

Alessandro Fazzi -

Wordmove is growing. Not only in version number, but also in usage, solidity, documentation, contributions. And we’re very very happy to anonunce its second major version...

Run RSpec tests in parallel

Fabrizio Monti -

We recently worked on a big Rails application with a lot of RSpec tests (mostly integration ones) and we were looking for a way to reduce the test suite execution time...

Rails Custom Error Pages

Fabrizio Monti -

Do you know how (static) error pages like 404 or 500 get rendered in a (production) Rails application?

It’s all managed by this Rack Middleware.

When called, this middleware...

Camaleon: a nearly perfect mimesis

Stefano Pau -

Have you ever wondered how would Wordpress be if it has been written in Ruby? Owen Peredo Diaz (owen2345) answered this question with his project Camaleon, a CMS for RubyOnRails...