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Extensible, customizable, ever updated: it's the most used CMS in the world!

WordPress is a free, open-source blogging and digital publishing platform, born in 2003 and written in PHP.

We selected it as the CMS for our customers ever since the beginning of our experience, thanks to its complete feature range, the user-friendly administration interface and the characteristics it offers, all with the added value of being open-source.

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Wordpress is constantly maintained, updated and improved by a community of developers and distributed for free: this characteristic allows to receive updates in time.

Thanks to the development of ad-hoc components on our part, and to the presence of a lively ecosystem around this platform, the customer gets a high grade of customisation through the plug-in and theme system, all joined to a easy, elegant and modern administration interface.

Why Wordpress?

WordPress is the best solution when we need a website with few, well-defined types of content - such as pages and blog articles - and we can take advantage of the numerous possibilities offered by this platform due to the surrounding ecosystem.

The hosting required is, thanks to the characteristics of WordPress and how it was developed, less expensive with respect to other platforms, written in otrher programming languages.

WP development with us

Along the years, we have developed many websites thanks to WordPress: with this expertise we perfected methodologies and developed tools that came to be part of our workflow.

These tools we released open-source and allow us to build websites using WordPress with rigour and quality.

After development

One of our objectives is not to leave the customer "alone" with their website once the job is done.

Besides development, we offer the hosting for the website itself: we constantly monitor the update status for every website, and consequently of their vulnerability, and we can promptly offer the customer a complete, effective and inexpensive solution.

Our advice to your service

The experience we gained along the years allows us to suggest the best solutions starting from your needs. We are used to searching for the minimal solution, that is, the one that fulfils the requirements in the simplest and most inexpensive way. Our method is sound and effective.